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Catalyzing a Culture of Communities of Practice (C3oP)

We are a group of Stanford professionals that joined together to form "Catalyzing a Culture of Communities of Practice" - C3oP. Our desire is to inspire, connect and support Stanford professionals to create topical groups and build social ties among the participants.

The C3oP team will help anyone to create a topical group. We will help any existing topical group become effective collaborators in whatever form best suits them. Contact us by filling out the contact form.

We believe that communities focused on work-related topics can

  • be an effective means to Build IT capability here at Stanford and
  • better support the university as it endeavors to create new education methods.

Groups of people can come together around a topic in endless different ways. A community of practice is just one way.

Zach Chandler
Anthony Christopher
John A DeSilva
Shannon Santanocito
Stephen Arod Shirreffs
Jeremy Tavan
Brian Young