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Communities of Practice

The Communities of Practice team will help anyone to create a topical group. We will help any existing topical group become effective collaborators in whatever form best suits them. Contact us by filling out the contact form.

We are a group of Stanford professionals that joined together to form "Catalyzing a Culture of Communities of Practice" - C3oP. Our desire is to inspire, connect and support Stanford professionals to create topical groups and build social ties among the participants.

We believe that communities focused on work-related topics can

  • be an effective means to Build IT capability here at Stanford and
  • better support the university as it endeavors to create new education methods.

Groups of people can come together around a topic in endless different ways. A community of practice is just one way.

Anthony Christopher
John A DeSilva
Stephen Arod Shirreffs
Jeremy Tavan
Brian Young
Zach Chandler


Subgroup Organizers Description
School of Medicine- Research Staff Community of Practice or (CoP) for Research Staff for the School of Medicine: Formed just for Research Staff within the School of Medicine to come together, network, share best practices and provide...