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Distributed & Remote Workers

This community is being designed to support Stanford’s increasingly growing distributed and remote workforce. We’ll discuss best practices for working as a distributed or remote worker and collaborating with remote/distributed teams in an interactive way. We’ll bring you the latest technology being used across campus, and elsewhere that helps keep us together no matter where we are. And finally, we want to engage with you, the Stanford Community to learn how we can keep this community feeling connected to the Stanford culture. We want to encourage the community to remember that no matter where we are in the world, we are passionate Stanford Staffers committed to closing the gap of what it “feels” like to work with remote workers and distributed teams.

Meeting Frequency: 
Every third Thursday, occasioanlly experimenting with new times - check our slack channel #remote-workers for monthly meeting time polls
Shannon Santanocito
Jeremy Higgins
Tori Hu
  • Thursday 1/18 - Brainstorm topics for future meetings 
  • Thursday 2/15 - Do's & Don'ts of Remote Workspaces - We'll share our remote workspace setups, talk about what is and isn't working, and what equipment and tools are needed on campus to support remote team members. 
  • Thursday 3/15 - Zoom Best Practices, Tips & Tricks - How to have effective Zoom meetings that don't get in the way of actually meeting. 
  • Thursday 4/19 - Remote, Telecommuting and Distributed - Oh My! Tips and Tricks for staying connected... to your teams whether you are remote, or on campus working with a remote team.
  • Thursday 5/17- Managing expectations with clients when working remotely
  • Thursday 6/21 - Office Hours: What questions do you have about distributed & remote working?
  • Friday 8/24 -  Adapting to a new remote culture
  • Friday 9/28 - WeWork case study and testimonials
  • Friday 10/19 - Hiring and Training Remote Workers
  • Friday 11/16 - How to transition from working on campus to working remotely
  • Thursday 12-6 - (during UIT Unconference) Happy Birthday Distributed and Remote Workers CoP - a year in review