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Stanford Media Group

The SMG is a vibrant community of individuals from across the campus involved in video and audio media. We come together to share and foster best practices, expose and address common needs, and propose and implement solutions -- all in the interest of supporting teaching, learning, and research at Stanford University. All are welcome to join.

Upcoming SMG meetings

Date: September 11, 2015

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: 425 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 

Topic: Visit to the Media Preservation Lab

The Stanford Media Preservation Lab (SMPL) serves to preserve and enhance access to original sound and moving image collection materials held by Stanford University Libraries. The lab’s core operations are centered around creating a high-quality copy of the original content in digital formats that are easily accessed by researchers and others, and that enable ongoing, long-term management of the content for future users. We work closely with curators, archivists, conservators and other staff responsible for the care and management of special collections and archival materials.

Meeting Frequency: 
Bi-monthly on Fridays
Nancy Baumann
Hannah C Frost
Liz Goesseringer

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Subgroup Organizers Description
Media Asset Management Nancy Baumann

Media Asset Management is now part of the SMG Archiving subgroup.

The goal of the Media Asset Management sub-group is to discover what...

Storage Trent K. Tanaka, Carlos R Seligo

Storage, workflows and distribution of media content is a common and increasingly core activity across Stanford University schools and departments. The Stanford Media Group (SMG) Storage Sub-group...

Streaming Hannah C Frost
Online delivery of media content is a common and increasingly core activity across Stanford University schools and departments. The Stanford Media Group (SMG) Streaming Sub-group is formed to...
Archiving Hannah C Frost, Josh Schneider

Production and dissemination of media content to support teaching and learning at Stanford University is ubiquitous. Archiving of media assets with enduring value helps protect the institutional...

Policies Hannah C Frost

We consider intellectual property, privacy, accessibility and other issues relevant to producing and providing access to media content at Stanford. We discuss things like FERPA...

Student Services Erin L Scott

The description for this group is under construction.