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Community Directory

Join the Stanford Communities of Practice Slack workspace at

This CoP brings together Stanford community members to share, discuss, and promote effective practices for teaching and learning with academic tech

Our Vision is a Stanford that provides world-class Agile leadership by applying the best Agile practices where appropriate to serve those that rely on us, and sharing our findings with the world.
A community dedicated to the discussion of and support of automating processes, workflows and operations.

We are a group of Stanford professionals that joined together to form "Catalyzing a Culture of Communities of Practice" - C3oP.

Enthusiasts of cloud computing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) group who share k

This is a community of call centers within Stanford that focuses on networking and collaboration using technology.
University affiliates whose work and professional skills include (web) content strategy disciplines.

Writing is often described as a solitary activity. However, its core purpose is to communicate, which inherently requires more than one person.

We would like to provide a forum for exchange and discussion around graphic design & art-direction at Stanford.

A collaboration space for anyone who touches data in any manner -- from architecture, to analysis, to consumer -- to share best practices, learn ab

Best practices around vendor relations, client experience issues, and innovative new tools.


We meet every two weeks to discuss issues of interest to the Stanford software developer community.

A community for discussing, developing, and documenting DevOps practices at Stanford.
Discussions around the implementation of digital signs on campus. Both traditional signage as well as interactive kiosks.

This community is being designed to support Stanford’s increasingly growing distributed and remote workforce.

We are a grassroots community of Drupal site owners, builders, maintainers, content editors, themers, and module developers who are dedicated to pr

A community dedicated to the topic of Information Security at Stanford.

The Learning by Design Community of Practice has been organized to bring together designers of instruction from across all schools

There are five departments on campus using the Uniflow system to run MFD (Multi Function Devices).
A community focused on advancing and promoting the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, specifically related to neurodiversity.
Members share tips and best practices in the use of OBI Financial Reporting.

The Stanford Open Source Lab was founded in November 2007 by a group of people from across Stanford who feel that openness matters.

There are many folks making (or hoping to make) podcasts for their departments.
Community for Product Managers, providing a forum to ask questions and share foundational product management knowledge and best practices with others
This Community of Practice is a forum to ask questions and share foundational project management knowledge, best practices, and “tips and tricks” with

Qualtrics is a user-friendly and robust research suite that allows one to build, distribute, collaborate, and analyze online surveys from simple fe

RSEs are people who combine professional software expertise with an understanding of research.
A community of Salesforce practitioners coming together to learn and share best practices.
We are a group of people who share the same profession, Research! Through the process of sharing information and experiences with group members, we learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally

Service Design is about bringing Design Thinking techniques to services (not products).

Social Pros, led by the University Communications digital media team, gathers regularly to discuss best practices in social media communications, poli
We seek to provide a forum to discuss projects and products being used around the University with a goal to share common functionality, methodologies,
The Stanford Administrative Champions (SAC) group is a multi-department team of administrative staff throughout Stanford to support, enhance, and grow
This is the go-to group for discussing anything involved with creating online learning experiences for Stanford Employees.
This community is an informal network of student services staff at Stanford University created to encourage networking and to troubleshoot day-to-day
This COP will focus on the issue of Student Wellness.

This is a group of HPC systems administrators who regularly meet to talk technical turkey regarding large computing clusters and storage.

Formerly "Stanford Toastmasters" a club with Toastmasters International, our club provides a safe, free, and effective learning environment for Stanford faculty, staff, graduate students, post-doctoral students, Stanford retirees, and previous club members looking to improve their communication and leadership skills.

TIPS was formed in 1987 so that Stanford school and departmental staff at any level could provide design and implementation input into computer sys

Our mission is to provide a forum for exchange and discussion around user experience at Stanford.

Videographers and technologists whose work includes production and post-production of video and other rich media.

This is meant to facilitate discussions and brainstorming around common Windows issues, usage patterns, and best practices.
Designers, developers and technologist alike who use WordPress as a CMS or Blogging platform.
X-Reality (XR) is composed of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality.

Inactive Communities

If you are interested in taking ownership of one of the inactive communities of practice, please contact us.

A community for articulating best practices for API development. We are also a learning community, and very open to new people joining us.

A community focused on the support of applications used at Stanford including both commercial off the shelf applications and custom built app

This COP is for cross-departmental discussions, ideation, and steering of concepts directly relating to audiovisual standards, practices, and innovati
This is a forum for us to meet other data analytics users and administrators, discuss (and troubleshoot!) issues, share knowledge, and show off our la
This community is intended to keep campus communicators who utilize email newsletter technology informed of updates, advancements, and workshops on th
Campus-wide group of people who support Office 365 or want to stay informed on the latest issues and solutions.
Researchers and staff who interface with qualitative data (interviews, focus groups, etc.) are spread across the university.

The SMG is a vibrant community of individuals from across the campus involved in video and audio media.

This community focuses on best practices for communicating with current graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford.
Research Staff Summer Meet Up August 8th at Berg Hall.